Hi there! I’m


, one of the co-founders of Evolve. Last week, we took you on a trip through

the highlights of 2013

. This week, I’d like to invite you to hop in our hot tub time machine once again, as we kickoff our series on the complete history of Evolve. In part 1, we’re dialing the year back to 2004: the year


–another Evolve co-founder–and I first met! Read the tale below, and make sure you stay tuned next weekend for part 2. We’ll be talking about LAN Bridger, the project that got it all started!

• • • • •

A Long Time Ago...A Long Time Ago… In


, dreijer and I were both university students. Full of academic vigor. Or… was it beer? Can’t quite remember. At any rate, dreijer was a software engineering major at the

Technical University of Denmark

, and I was pretending to be a computer science major at

Carleton College

in the United States. Neither of us had any clue the other existed. But not for long. As it turned out, dreijer and I shared a passion for adventure games–a bit of a niche genre by the time we were playing them, but still gems in our eyes. That passion led us both, in 2004, to join the forums at

Adventure Gamers

, a great little fan site for the genre. And it wasn’t terribly long after joining that we first crossed paths…

• • • • •

A Fortuitous MeetingA Fortuitous Meeting In

Dec 2004

, using the handle


, I posted an oh-so-typically-naive request for advice on putting together a team on the internet to create a new adventure game. After a few helpful posts by the community, a mysterious


arrived in the thread with sage advice on managing such a project, and recruiting others to it. It turned out he was running a project of his own. If you haven’t guessed yet, Halloko was dreijer. We’d finally met, even if it was just online. Fast forward six months, to

summer’s end 2005

. I was getting ready to study abroad in a small country in northern Europe–dreijer’s homeland,


. dreijer and I had fallen out of touch somewhat at this point, so I failed to mention anything about my travel plans until I was in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, for the start of term. One night, I noticed dreijer was online, and sent him a message: “Hey, you’re somewhere around here! You’re Dutch, right?” BZZT! WRONG! I’d done the stereotypical idiot-American thing and relocated my Danish friend two countries to the left from his actual home.

• • • • •

dreijer's Summer Projectdreijer’s Summer Project Once we realized we were in the same country, of course we had to meet. I still remember hopping off the train in the sleepy town of


, scanning the people milling about the station, trying to guess who dreijer was. I eventually spotted him, standing next to a very sweet collector MG–his pop’s–and we zoomed off to his home. After a few rounds of sweet LAN games (his friend


was over, and demanded we try beat his supreme lair-construction skills in

Dungeon Keeper

), dreijer decided to show me a project he’d been working on over his summer. I pulled up a chair, and he unveiled

LAN Bridger

, a kick-ass little app that allowed dreijer and hel to play LAN games over the internet. You can probably guess where all this is heading…