Starting today, we have opened the Evolve 2.0 beta to any registered Evolve user. That’s all 1.8 million of you.

A month and a half ago we launched the Evolve 2.0 beta program for our Premium tier users. We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received from our Helix and Party+ member test group.

The open beta will have a similar structure:

  • each release will have a test goal, such as the friend system, or voice chat, or the overlay
  • each release will add functionality that is in 1.0, but also new features not present in 1.0
  • each release will have bugs

We are still rolling out features. The Evolve 2.0 open beta is currently not a replacement of the 1.0 client.

If you run the 2.0 client do not run the 1.0 client at the same time.

We encourage anyone who wants to try the 2.0 beta to join the 2.0 beta group. You can use the group to make suggestions, submit bug reports, and give us general feedback. There is also an official Evolve 2.0 Beta community chat so you can talk with the development team and other 2.0 users.

How to help

Thanks for supporting us through all the years. We are very happy to bring you Evolve 2.0 and have more announcements on the way soon.