Professor-FarnsworthsmallGood news everyone!
We just launched a brand new homepage and blog.
In addition to that, we’re also making some serious headway on improving our backend systems.

The new website and blog

After analyzing the old homepage, it became apparent that what it was saying wasn’t really in tune with what Evolve offers. With that in mind we wanted to create a better experience for new and existing users that covered these two main bases:

  1. Show in a simple way what Evolve really is
  2. Offer a new mobile-friendly design

After a lot of hard work, we finally got it live along with a new blog.

Improving the backend

It’s easy to show off the new website, but there are also a lot of things on the backend that we have been improving (believe it or not).

To be honest, Evolve hasn’t been working the way we want it to lately. Many of you have been upset that things like parties and game logging haven’t been working consistently, but rest assured we are doing everything we can to fix it as fast as we can.

As is, parts of the Evolve platform weren’t really meant to handle more than 750,000 users comfortably. But out of necessity we’ve had to get creative. We are now nearing a million users, which is incredible, but it’s stressing our systems.

Image via g33kwatch

Image via g33kwatch

Why can’t you just add more servers??

That’s a common question we’ve been asked lately, but it’s a complicated answer. In short, the new team has discovered a couple bottlenecks in the current Evolve code that simply doesn’t allow us to spin up more servers to accommodate extra traffic.

To fix this, we’re tuning some of our code and redesigning where necessary for this to be possible. It’s a tough problem, but it is our top priority, and as soon as we get things fixed up, we’ll be flying.

We’re extremely grateful to have such awesome customers who truly give a crap about Evolve and gaming in general. Thanks for sticking with us, you won’t regret it.

Game on.


About smubba

smubbaSmubba is the frontend developer for Evolve. He made this blog and many other things you look at on your screen.