Evolve will be down on Feb 25th from 12-4pm CDT for upgrades.

Greetings from the Evolve headquarters here. We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks to increase the capacity of our system, and we’re happy to announce that we’re ready to roll out these improvements this week. However this will require some downtime for the Evolve system.

On Wednesday, February 25th we will have a planned maintenance window from 12pm to 4pm Central Daylight Time. During this time the Evolve system will be offline and unavailable. During the maintenance window we will post any updates here as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.


During this maintenance window, we will be updating two major components in our system.

Chat/login servers:

We are decommissioning one older server and replacing it with two more powerful servers. These servers provide the bulk of the support for the chat, login and a lot of the backbone between the other services on Evolve.

During this downtime we will be migrating user data to the new servers and configuring other services to connect to the new servers.

Party system:

The other major update will be related to the party system. We’re updating the underlying protocol used by the party system to be able to support more simultaneous logins to the party system. This should prevent the Offline messages people get in the party system during peak usage times.

Because of the underlying protocol change, this will also require updated versions of the Evolve client software. So we will also be releasing updates to the Stable and Beta Evolve clients. Look for more detailed changelogs for those releases on the 25th.


Again, Evolve will be down on Feb 25th, from 12-4pm CDT for a system upgrade.

Thank you,
– Evolve Team