It’s been a while since we’ve shared a general “State of the Union Address.”

More room to play

The first three months of this year were marked by intense efforts to meet the growing demand for our core services.

More people use Evolve simultaneously than ever before. The new team has increased concurrent login capacity by over 70%, and the number of people that can participate in Evolve’s Party system by 200%.

A record number of concurrent users was reached on March 14, 2015. That record was broken on March 21, 2015, and Evolve continues to set records for daily usage, including traditionally slow days like Monday and Thursday.

Thanks in part to the new infrastructure, Evolve users are playing more than 13 years of game time every day.


With the open beta launch of GamepLAN, Evolve makes it easy to schedule gaming events with your friends. Don’t waste precious time seeing who is online, arguing about what game to play, or deciding when to get together.

GamepLAN from Evolve allows you to schedule gaming events from the privacy of your own bathroom, or school, or work. Plan ahead.

GamepLAN is also our first product that is mobile-friendly and can be used anywhere that you have an Internet connection.


Stability enables growth.

With the existing client and infrastructure more stable than ever, the team will turn its full attention to the future.

Client 2.0

Evolve’s next evolution is underway. A new Evolve 2.0 client architecture allows for cross platform client support, a more stable and modular installation system, and a new plugin platform that makes it easier for Evolve and 3rd party developers alike to contribute to the ecosystem.




We are not done working on GamepLAN, either. Here are some upcoming features:

  • Auto suggest games based on play time and frequency
  • Auto suggest friends
  • Repeat a past event
  • Improved invitation / event emails
  • Calendar view

Goodbye, hello

None of this would have been possible without the significant contributions of “Mamu” and “Dreijer,” two-thirds of the original co-founding team and developers of Evolve. They helped the new team transition during November and December of 2014. As of early 2015 their work on Evolve came to a close, and we bid them a grateful goodbye.

While the news is not new, we’d like to say hello to the new team, which represents a diverse collection of knowledge and experience. You may have already interacted with them in the Evolve client, forums, or support system, but expect even bigger things as we transition away from the old client and architecture and into the future.

Thank you

We’ve also experienced unprecedented community support this year. More people have recommended Evolve to their friends than ever before, and our user base grows every day. We also were able to fund server upgrades thanks to your Helix donations.

We are very grateful for all of your support.

Stay tuned, and thanks for using Evolve.