gp_decisionsI used to play games 4 – 6 hours a day during the work week, and 8 – 20 hours on the weekends. I had lots of time to figure out what ops I wanted to fly in EVE, what raids I wanted to go on in WoW, or when my friend and I were going to play StarCraft 2.

I got older. I took on more responsibility at work. I had a family.

This didn’t leave much time to play. My friends and I found it harder and harder to coordinate our schedules. Time spent tracking each other down and agreeing on what to play and when took away from what little time we had for actually playing.

Now that I am in charge of product direction for Evolve, I decided to do something about that.

GamepLAN is in open beta starting today. It’s scheduling capabilities will take some of the work out of play.




Anyone with an Evolve account can create a GamepLAN event, invite players, and select the date, time, and game being played.


GamepLAN’s autocomplete feature makes it easy to add your Evolve friends to your game event.

Do you have friends who aren’t on Evolve yet? No problem. Type in their email address and they will get notified about the gaming event and will be invited to join Evolve.



Don’t waste precious gaming time talking about when to play. GamepLAN’s chat feature allows invitees to chat from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an Internet connection and a Web browser.

We built a new chat architecture for the next version of Evolve, and GamepLAN is the first product to use it. Messages are saved on the server so you won’t miss another message. You can go back and read old messages, even after you’ve logged out. It’s possible to message event attendees when they are offline.

All of the GamepLAN chat features and more will be coming in the next version of Evolve.

Plan From Anywhere

GamepLAN is Evolve’s first fully mobile Web app, which means you can plan your gaming event from anywhere — even during those soul sucking meetings at work.


Gaming. Better. Together

GamepLAN is our first new product of 2015, but it won’t be the last. Each release going forward will help you game better together with your friends.

Please use the help feature in GamepLAN to send us feedback.



Thanks for using Evolve.