We are very grateful for the Helix donations and Party+ subscriptions people have made in the past. These contributions help pay part of our server costs. Earlier this year this money helped us get two brand new servers for a better login and party experience.

As we wrote earlier this month, we are bringing new features to Evolve. GamepLAN allows you to schedule games with your friends. We are hard at work on Evolve 2.0, which will bring Mac and Linux support as well as a bunch of other really cool features. However, we’re not moving fast enough.

This is where you come in.

We are going to start showing video ads whenever you create or join a party, and will also show ads after you exit a game.

We are going to limit the number of video ads you see based on time. We’re going to adjust this period to get a good balance of making money and shoving ads in your face, so bear with us.

We will also experiment with showing video ads in different places, so if you see an ad in Evolve one day it may not be there the next.

By watching these ads, you can contribute to Evolve’s continued development, and also help keep Evolve free.

As always, our Helix donation program and Party+ subscription removes ads.

Thank you for supporting Evolve, and thank you for watching the ads.