Update: It appears some user’s gametime calculations went out of wack and aren’t being displayed accurately.  We have found a fix for this and are rolling it out now.

As many of you have heard by now, Xfire is closing its doors.  As an Xfire user myself, it saddens me to see them go, as I used them early on in my gaming years.


We’ve scrambled to put together a way to save your precious game data.  Evolve, like Xfire, tracks your gaming time, and so we’ve thrown together an Xfire importer for our users.  All you’ll need to use it is your Evolve login and Xfire username.

Xfire import

If you’re a new user and need an account, head over to our signup page, then you’ll be able to access https://xfire.evolvehq.com/xfire.

If you have any issues using our importer, shoot us an email at support+xfire@evolvehq.com, and we’ll get things sorted out.  The importer itself is fresh out the oven, and with your help we will squash any issues before Xfire shuts down on Friday!