When we heard Xfire was shutting off last week, we threw together a quick Xfire game time importer in less than a day.

How the importer worked

Xfire displayed a user’s game time as an image. This was to keep Raptr from screen scraping Xfire’s data. In order to get your data, Evolve had to download the image of your playtime to our servers and run optical character recognition (OCR) on it.

After the OCR was complete, our import script matched every Xfire game to its Evolve counterpart, and then added in the game time as necessary.


With no planning and little time to test, our importer had some problems. Here are the issues we know about, and how we’re fixing them.

OCR issues

Sometimes the OCR didn’t work right, which is why some of you may have 1,337 hours played on Little Kingdom but it got imported as 133.7 hours or something weird.

We can fix these issues if you open a support ticket — please open one ticket with all of your inaccurate game times.

Game matching issues

Xfire had several different entries for the same game based on things like demo, alpha, single-player, or multi-player. Evolve only tracks the game, regardless of release or game mode.

We are in the process of automatically fixing these problems. You don’t have to do anything.

Evolve doesn’t track a game

Xfire tracked games and utilities that Evolve does not yet track.

If you want these games to be supported, please create a game rule. After the game rule is accepted, you must go to the Xfire importer and re-run it.

We are re-writing our script so that it does not add your hours up all over again.

Users imported their time more than once

We had a few users import their time more than once. If a user clicked the button three times, their time was tripled.

We have changed the script so that it doesn’t add your time up after the first submission.

Slow import times

There are a lot of you importing your Xfire game play time. Please be patient. If your hours don’t appear after 24 hours, please open a support ticket.