This is an update that addresses some additional bugs with how ads were displaying, as well as incorporating some feedback from our users about how the ad window was behaving.

New behavior

  • The ad volume will be set to 75% of your current volume.
  • You may now minimize the ad window after the ad starts to play.
  • Ads will now fill the ad window area so they look better.

Bug fixes

  • The Evolve ad window will only appear on top of Evolve.

Currently researching

We have been evaluating reports of Evolve playing ads during a game. So far the logs users have submitted have not validated that this is happening.

However, the following is possible:

  1. Users play start a game (League of Legends)
  2. They start a different game while they wait for the first game to start (Rocket League)
  3. The League of Legends game starts
  4. The user shuts down Rocket League, triggering the ad
  5. The Evolve ad window appears on top of the Evolve windows and plays an ad

Please continue to send in bug reports if you see ads in game, especially if you are only playing one game.

Thank you for continuing to help Evolve remain free, and thank you for using Evolve.