We are excited to introduce you to our Evolve Partner Program.

The Evolve Partner Program:

  • Helps Evolve users discover new and exciting games
  • Provides official communities that connect creators, players and fans around these titles
  • Assists in finding others who are interested in playing the game together

Additional benefits:

  • Day 1 support for game tracking
  • New Evolve 2.0 beta chat tools for real-time conversations
  • Exclusive game-themed skins and other content in our new 2.0 client

Our first Evolve Partner is BetaDwarf, makers of Forced. They are about to launch the sequel, Forced: Eternal Arenas on Kickstarter and we hope you will consider backing their campaign. If you do, please tell them “Evolve sent me!” in the Kickstarter comments.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.43.53 AM

All backers will receive a special edition, early access release of our Evolve 2.0 beta.

People who back Forced: Eternal Arenas at the $49.99 tier and higher will also get a free year subscription to Evolve 2.0’s new Premium service tier.


Stay tuned for announcements about our future partners in the coming weeks and months. Each partnership will essentially “unlock” new features being released on the new Evolve 2.0 platform. We’ve Hunted for the best Bundle of them, and hope to tell you about them with Speed. ;)