A few months ago Evolve announced it was implementing and testing video ads as a way to offset our operating costs.

Many of you may be heartbroken to learn that those ads are now gone. ;)

We’ve concluded that video ads–at least at this time and implemented this way–aren’t right for Evolve (or you). We thank you for your patience and loyalty through these tests. It was a rough experience all around.

That said, we’re still a platform in search of a revenue model. As lean as we are, supporting nearly 2¬†million¬†users and building Evolve 2.0 with a seven-person team comes at a sizable cost. We can not afford to operate on this basis indefinitely.

You might think that finding a revenue model is our problem, but ultimately it’s our problem. We’re on a mission to make it easier than ever to connect, coordinate, and play games with friends. But ultimately we cannot get there without you and your support.

There are a number of options that we’re looking at, but we’re open to your suggestions. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that our team and this community can do great things together. We all deserve to see the vision for Evolve 2.0 fully realized and to become the best collaborative PC gaming experience on the planet.

So on behalf of myself and the staff, I wish you all a Happy Holidays. Thank you for being a part of our community. Here’s to a prosperous 2016.