To Our Friends and Members,

Evolve Labs will be shutting down operations of Evolve HQ and Evolve Arenas, effective June 1, 2017.

“Evolve or Die”. These were words our company lived by. But sometimes there isn’t a choice. And despite our desire and best efforts to find another way forward, we’ve run out of options.

This is not the time to dissectall the reasons for how we reached this point, but there were a few major contributors:

  • Lack of a viable business model.
  • Investor funding to build viable alternatives (HQ 2.0 and Arenas).
  • Failed acquisition.
  • Stiff competition.

When we were right, we were right. When we were wrong, we were damn near right. But “almost” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

There are many people to thank.

  • Our Team – We’ve had the privilege of having brilliant founding engineers and the opportunity to build a team of the best talent from anywhere. They poured their guts into this company. They were loyal to a person. All were tested. All gave their all. Minneapolis. San Francisco. Seattle. Minsk. You know who you are. Prost!
  • Our Investors – Family. Friends. You were the ones who believed in us most. Again and again. You provided us this opportunity to realize our vision of Gaming. Better. Together. Because you believed in that vision… but more importantly, you believed in us. Thank you.
  • And You – Our members. All 3 million of you. But especially those who were able to support us with their wallets. We shared your pain. You shared our vision. And we can honestly say, we so wanted to make it happen for you. We’re sorry we let you down.

As a side note: those of you who joined us and made a financial contribution to Evolve HQ over the last 30 days will be receiving a full refund.

We learned so much.  We hope it was worth it for you. We know it was worth trying. We hope our paths cross again. Until then…

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Adam and OODA