Hey, Folks-

Many of you have expressed concern over how quiet we’ve been over the past few months and the lack of details on what’s next for this community.

This was never our intent. But as you can probably imagine, the details are somewhat sensitive and under wraps until we have something to show for it. So in this case, even though it has been frustrating, no news is actually pretty good news…

sign of life

It pains me to fall behind on communicating here and on the forums on EvolveHQ. Since coming into our new arrangement, we have had a **skeleton** crew working on the existing EvolveHQ platform and have shifted nearly all our resources and focus into something that we hope you will find well-worth the current inconvenience.

Please bear with us as we navigate this exciting, but tricky path to a better future for all.




p.s. We shut down payments and donations due to the many of issues expressed above. We’re not willing to accept your support until we’ve earned it with something worth supporting.